Fast Sync

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Fast Sync enables a sync interval between 3-5 minutes (depending on the external environments). The normal synchronization interval is 15 minutes.

Fast Sync can be enabled, however since this results in more computing time an additional fee of 4 Euro per user per month is added, this fee applies to all users; it is not possible to enable this feature per user.

How to:

  • Log into the Nebula Dashboard as an administrator
  • Click Account in the top right corner
  • Enable Fast Sync


Note: When you have a subscription through SuperOffice it is also possible to enable the fast sync option for the Nebula Synchronizer. 


The fast sync option is not offered by SuperOffice directly for different reasons. The billing of this add-on is directly done by InfoBridge for a 12 month period. This means the normal portion of the synchronizer is invoiced by SuperOffice and the add-on is invoiced by InfoBridge. 

If you want the Fast Sync enabled we would need the full billing address, VAT number and if required a P/O number. After receiving this information you will receive an invoice and we will enable the fast sync option on your account.