Configuring DataBridge and SuperOffice CRM On-Premises

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DataBridge is also available for SuperOffice CRM On-Premises since release 32. There are some requirements the environment must meet and also there are additional configuration steps needed for the SuperOffice environment and DataBridge.

Note: DataBridge will still be running in the cloud but will connect to your local SuperOffice CRM environment using the NetServer Web Services via the internet.


  • Your Remote NetServer Web Services need to be accessible from the internet;
  • The NetServer Web Services have to use HTTPS;
  • SuperOffice 7.5 or higher;
  • A SuperOffice CRM system user.

1. Prepare NetServer

If you are using Pocket CRM your NetServer Web Services have already been configured. You can move on to the next step.

If not, follow the steps in ‘Prepare Server’ in the SuperOffice documentation on configuring NetServer for Pocket CRM.

Also make sure to read the documentation on deploying NetServer securely:

1.1. Additional steps for SuperOffice 8.0 and 8.1

If you are using SuperOffice 8 some additional files need to be deployed on the SuperOffice web server. Extract (attached to this article) to your 'Remote' folder of SuperOffice web or NetServer installation. The same folder should already contain a folder called Services80:

2. Verify NetServer

Verify the Remote NetServer installation by opening a browser and browsing to the web services:

For example:

Note: When SuperOffice 8.2 R01 or higher is used the endpoint to use is 'Services84'

If the Web Services are exposed correctly you see the following screen:

3. Configure DataBridge

You are now ready to configure DataBridge using the following steps:

  1. Sign up for a new DataBridge account here:;
  2. Confirm your email address;
  3. Setup the connection to your SuperOffice environment. If you are not automatically redirected to the 'Setup Connection' page click on 'Account' and then on 'Connection' or visit the following page directly and fill out the form:
    • For older versions than SO 8.2 R01 - NetServer services URL: http://<address>/Remote/Services75/;
    • For SO 8.2 R01 or newer - NetServer services URL: http://<address>/Remote/Services84/;
    • Username of a SuperOffice system user;
    • Password of the user;
    • Clicking save will verify the connection;
  4. New profiles will now automatically copy these default connection settings. 

Other details

DataBridge will use the following IP-addresses to connect to your environment: