Automatic person linking

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It is possible to automatically link a person to appointments and tasks in SuperOffice CRM Online.
Please follow this article when you are looking for linking persons automatically in SuperOffice On-premise with the Exchange Synchronizer.

See this short video on how to use it:

 In detail:

First of all the option to automatically link a person must be turned on in the Preferences of Nebula Synchronizer.

- Login to
- Click on the Edit Preferences button
- In the 'Other' section turn on the option 'Link person by e-mail in text'
- Save



Create a new appointment in Outlook or Google.
Type an email address in the appointment text and if a person is found in SuperOffice CRM Online with this email address it will be linked to the appointment or task in SuperOffice CRM Online.

It's  also possible to add an email address after the appointment or task is created and the user will still be linked in SuperOffice CRM.
Note that this will only work if no person or company has been linked to the appointment or task in SuperOffice yet.

See this example where an appointment is created in Outlook. In the text an email address is added.
After synchronizing the appointment to Superoffice CRM Online the company and contact is added to the appointment.