Importing stakeholders

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We added support for importing stakeholders

How to:

The stakeholder import is much like the project member import, but with some differences. The stakeholder import is activated when these conditions apply:

  • One or more fields from the company entity are linked
  • One or more fields from the person entity are linked
  • One or more fields from the sale entity are linked
  • One or more fields from the stakeholder entity are linked
  • You want to add stakeholders to existing sales


In this example a person ‘Doe’ working for Valid Industries will be added as a stakeholder to an existing sale called ‘Phase 2 project #12’. If the person or company does not exist it will be created and then linked as stakeholder.

NOTE 1: you cannot create sales and add stakeholders to it in the same profile. The reason is that a sale always needs to be linked to a company. The auto-link feature of DataBridge can only link one type of entity in the same profile. So it can either link the company and person to the sale, or link the company and person to the stakeholder.
In this case we advise to create 2 profiles: one to create the sales, a second to add stakeholders to the new sales.

NOTE 2: When you import Stakeholders without 'Comment' or 'Sales role' a dummy field must be linked.

Why is this:

Stakeholders are slightly different than the other SuperOffice entities. This is because strictly speaking it is not a real entity. It is a link table between Sale and Person.

When you have a Sale and a Person in one line in the import file, you can make this person a stakeholders . To do so you have to at least link one field of the Stakeholders fields.
The -Helper- field comes in handy here. Because Stakeholders is a link tabel you do not always have to link fields of a Stakeholder. But you do have to indicate that it is a Stakeholder. If you do not have the Comment or the Sales Role field you can link any random column to -Helper-. This field has no function except to tell DataBridge: this is a stakeholder.