Cannot find the Document Panel in SuperOffice

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I've activated the document viewer, but I can't find it in my SuperOffice environment?

How to:

When you create or update a Panel, your browser cache needs to be refreshed. This can easily be done by logging into your Document Viewer account and clicking the green Refresh button.


Good to know

The document viewer is automatically available for all users. When you are using the Grouping and Filtering functionality in SuperOffice Admin, make sure you select the option that the panel is visible for all users (just check the names of the groups in SuperOffice admin).

  • Click on the hamburger icon and choose Settings and Maintenance

  • Go to Lists - Gui Web panel
  • See if Grouping and Filtering is on

  • If this is on select the Document Viewer panel
  • See if the correct user groups are checked. If not, please turn this on for the desired groups to make the Document viewer panel available for these users.