How to create DEBUG logging for the Outlook Synchronizer for CRM Online

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Written by Support InfoBridge

By default, the synchronizer creates logfiles with warning messages only. While this gives us some informationwhat is happening, it does not give us the information why it's happening. For us to further analyze the issue, we need the debug logging. Creating debug logfiles for the Outlook Synchronizer for SuperOffice CRM Online is a bit out of the ordinary.

For the other Synchronizers the service must be stopped, the Synchronizer GUI must be started, the loglevel needs to be changed (also rename the logfile) and the Synchronizer must be started in the GUI.

I will show you how debug logging is created when the customer is using the Outlook Synchronizer for CRM Online.

How to create debug logging

1.) Check if the Outlook Synchronizer is running. If it is running, stop the process by right clicking the sync icon (2 blue arrows) and clicking Exit

Exit Synchronizer

2.) Navigate to the installation directory of the Outlook Synchronizer (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoBridge\Outlook Synchronizer for SuperOffice Online\x64) and create a shortcut for the file InfoBridge.Synchronizer.Online.Shell.exe to the desktop.

Create shortcut

3.) Edit the newly created shortcut and add "/DEBUG" in the Target field.

Edit shortcut

4.) Navigate to the %appdata%\Roaming\Infobridge Online Synchronizer\ and rename the logfile.txt (ie. logfile.txt.old)

Rename logfile

5.) Start the Synchronizer by using the new shortcut and wait for the sync to start. Reproduce the problem(s). When looking at the logfile, you will notice DEBUG messages are logged now.

Debug log

6.) When the problem is reproduced, stop the Outlook Synchronizer by right clicking the sync icon and clicking Exit (same as Step 1)

7.) Send the debug logfile to our Servicedesk. Done!