How to verify the OAB and EWS url for Outlook Online Synchronizer

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It is possible to locate the OAB and EWS url's which are used for the Outlook Online Synchronizer, using Microsoft Outlook.

How to

Start Outlook and set up Outlook for the sync user. In the taskbar you have the Outlook icon, if you hold the CTRL key and do a right click on the Outlook icon you will get a menu as the screenshot below shows.

Select "Test E-mail AutoConfiguration", as this will open the screenshot below. Fill out the E-mail Address and password, and click test.

In "Results", you can find the EWS and OAB urls.

If you get an error message, it could be due to a setting on the exchange server. Please contact your local Exchange Administrator and they will supply you with the correct URL's.


EWS = Exchange Web Services

OAB = Offline Address Book