How to load the license XML file / Update your product license

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Due to security reasons it might occur that automatic license registration is prohibited. All our products need a working internet connection to register correctly. But manual registration is also possible, follow this guide to register the product(s) manually.

How to:
To register your product you will need to open the "InfoBridge License Manager". If there are multiple products you will need to select the required product and click the "Update License" button.
This will open a dialog box, which gives you the option to either load the license XML or if you have not received it, you will need to send the newly generated text file "LicenseSupport.txt" from your desktop to
The file "LicenseSupport.txt" supplies us with enough information to create the license XML for you. 
If you already have the license XML file, please click "Load From File...".
A dialogbox opens up where you can select your file, and click "Open".
This will update the license for your product and you're all set! Repeat the steps for all other products which need to be registered manually.