How to find the ICS files for a specific user

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When a user experiences synchronizer issues it could be that his ICS files are corrupted. Usually there is just one-way sync.

One option is to delete the ICS files for this user. But when a company has a lot of users, how do you find out which ICS files belongs to that user/associate? Follow this guide to find the correct ICS files for a specific user.

How to:

First find out the SuperOffice Associate ID. You will need access to the SuperOffice database for this step. Search the correct associate and note down the associate_id value. In the example below this should be "1362".

This associate_id is part of the ICS filename (in hexadecimal format). Fill in the associate_id in a converter and use this value to find the correct ICS files.

Associate_id 1362 converted to hexadecimal results in "00000552"

Search the ICS folder in the Roaming folder of the Syncuser for files containing "00000552".

You will find at least 1 file, normally ics.state.00000552.01 . Every user has a maximum of 3 files, one for appointments, tasks or persons.

Please note: When deleting ICS files, aways make sure the Infobridge Sync service is stopped!