How to sync Private Appointments

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With the Synchronizer it is possible to synchronize private appointments both from Outlook and SuperOffice. Follow this guide if private appointments need to be synchronized in your environment.

How to:

Because private appointments should remain private, a setting has been added which you need to configure for each user in the SuperOffice admin:

  • Start the SuperOffice admin
  • Go to 'Users' section
  • Select a Synchronizer user and click the 'License' button
  • Tick the 'Confidential activities' checkbox

Let's create a Private SuperOffice appointment:

  • Add an appointment to your calendar
  • Make this appointment private

This is done by selecting your username in the 'visible for:' Pull-Down list
(Note: you can also select a group instead of a single user)

Your private appointment can easily be seen in the SuperOffice calendar as the text is shown in Italic, see below

After Synchronizing the appointment will be in your Outlook calendar, shown as private.
Private Outlook appointments will have the lock icon highlighted

Let's create a private appointment in Outlook:
This can be done by creating an appoitment & clicking the Lock icon

After this private Outlook appointment is synchronized into SuperOffice it will be visible in your SuperOffice calendar. The text is shown in Italic

In the SuperOffice calendar of other users the appointment text is hidden. The only thing other users will see is that you have an appointment at a certain time, but the text is blocked from view.