How to set Access Rights controlled by Outlook User

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At larger companies setting the access rights using the Impersonation or Delegation could be pose problems due security regulations. It is also possible to let the Outlook user decide if his/her account should be synchronized. Follow this guide to find out how to solve this question.

How to:

1. Open your Outlook
2. Right-click on the root of the mailbox store and select Data File Properties

3. On the Permissions tab click Add

4. Select the name of the SyncUser and click OK

5. Select the newly added user and set the Permission Level to Editor, Click OK

6. Click File - Account Settings

7. In the Delegates screen click on Add and add the SyncUser. Set the Calendar, Task and Contact option to Editor (can read, create and modify items). Also check the option Delegate can see my private items. Click OK, click OK once more to close the previous screen.


Note: The above steps needs to be repeated for all Outlook users.