Understanding the Date Range

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This article will help you understand the Date Range which is set in the Synchronizer admin (Follow-up Filter Settings).


The synchronizer will only handle appointments which are inside the configured Date Range (see the Follow-up filter settings in the Syncadmin). By default this is set to 30 days in the past and 120 days in the future.

Quite often we receive questions why certain appointments are not synchronized to/from the external system. Often the Date Range is responsible for this behaviour, as the Synchronizer will only process appointments which are inside the Date Range.

If you need to have synced appointments beyond the default range, please ask your administrator who is able to change this value. But please note; when this value has been extended, never shrink it again, as this will result in duplicates!

Important information on changing the Date Range: https://kb.infobridge.com/hc/en-us/articles/203750942