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Service version

  • Support for Visma Business 15.00 & 16
  • Updated to .NET 4.8

**NOTE** Visma Business Mail Logger will be End Of Life as of 31-12-2021**

Service version

  • Support for Visma Business 14.00
  • Support for setting an service account

Add-In version

  • Resolved: Fixed rare issue with logging sent emails where the sender would not be found in the Mail Logger dialog

Add-In version

  • New: Added new options for enabling pre-loading of linked lists and showing linked lists

Service version

  • Service Fixed issue that prevented reconnect after connection to Visma Business Services was lost

Service version

  • Service Fixed issue that caused Document Groups to stay empty in mail logger add-in screen
  • Service Fixed issue that caused Created Date for document to remain empty

Add-In version 1.4.8 / Service version 1.4.8

  • New: Add-In Support for Outlook 2013
  • New: Add-In It is no longer possible to check both 'Transfer attachments' and 'Store messages as html'. This was never not supported
  • Service The 'Transfer attachments' option is working as intended again. This feature was broken in a previous version 

Add-In version 1.4.7 / Service version 1.4.7

  • New: Service Added ability in configurator to select R7 to R12 fields for linking email
  • New: Service Configurator will prompt for 'Mail Logger Service' restart after closing
  • New: Add-In Enter and escape now supported to accept and cancel the main mail logging screen
  • New: Add-In Checkbox for editing associate is now automatically set if no associate is found
  • New: Add-In Main mail logging screen now also shows version number
  • New: Add-In The user is notified now if multiple associates are found with the same email address
  • Service No longer able to select the same Org field multiple times in the Configurator
  • Service When security was enabled the list of Firms in the Add-In was not properly loaded in some cases
  • Service Password box in configurator is not shown anymore in 5.32 versions, now also for new firm connections 

Add-In version 1.4.6 / Service version 1.4.6

  • New: Service Support for Visma Business 5.32 (this is a seperate installation program)
  • New: Service A named user license is not longer needed for the Visma Business user running the mail logger. Version 5.31 of Visma Business or higher is required for this feature
  • Add-In Small fix in message when 'Show message when logging successful' was turned off 

Add-In version 1.4.5 / Service version 1.4.5

  • New: Add-In - Service Added message to show if server side loggin was successful or not.
  • Add-In Fixed issue which would show incorrect user when logging

Add-In version 1.4.4 / Service version 1.4.4

  • New: Add-In Logging-User is now the current user in Outlook and no longer receiving/sending user
  • New: Add-In If Logging-User is not found in current firm a message is shown in red
  • New: Add-In If no firms are available a message is shown now
  • New: Service Added security option per firm: If this is set the email-address of the Logging-user has to be found in the associate table on an employee
  • New: Service Added ability to search on employees in the contact field if no associate(company) is set
  • New: Service Removed browse button for mail store path in configurator because this would only search local folder. We always need a UNC path here. This should be entered manually now
  • New: Service Configurator now requires elevated access to start for writing to the programdata folder
  • Add-In Fixed bug when switching firms the lists were sometimes not emptied correctly
  • Service The setup for Visma Business 5.31 will now ask for installation location

Add-In version 1.4.3

  • Add-In when autologging a sent mail. it can now no longer be sent again from Visma using the send button.

Add-In version 1.4.2 / Service version 1.4.2

  • New: Service configuration is stored in ProgramData folder so the service does not need to run under a specific user anymore
  • New: Add-In Mail Log screen changed, if the associate or contact field is empty it will now be highlighted
  • New: Add-In Mail Log screen now shows the user in Visma Business that will be used as the 'creating' user (if found by e-mail address)
  • Add-In Log Mail screen will no longer close when enter is pressed
  • Add-In The Contact field will now only display companies
  • Add-In The Associate field will now only display persons for the selected Contact, or all if no company is selected
  • Issue when logging to Organizational fields was not always correctly stored in Visma Business

Add-In version 1.4.0 / Service version 1.4.0

  • Support for Visma Business 5.31
  • New: Service will recover from Visma Business Service Host restart
  • New: New Configurator:
  • New: License test option
  • New: License release option
  • New: License import option
  • New: Add multiple firms to log to
  • New: Test connection settings to Visma Business
  • New: Option to set logging level
  • New: Option to select 3 'Organizational Units' for Add-In
  • New: New Add-In interface
  • New: Add-In can log to multiple firms
  • New: Outlook 2010 64-bit now supported
  • Add-In GUI will always represent correct 'Link'-items and Associates

Add-In version 1.3.0 / Service version 1.3.0

  • New: Setup for the service. To upgrade, a deinstall of the old service is required first.
  • New: Added support for loading large lists.
  • New:  Associate and contact now always show the associates that will be send to Visma Business.
  • New:  Removed property panel from Outlook settings. 
  • New:  For Outlook 2003 - 2007 a new menu item in 'Tools' is added. 
  • New:  For Outlook 2010, a ribbon button is added
  • New:  Settings in Add-In are more user-friendly now. Only the server name is required to make a connection.
  • Logging sent items will now always take the correct associate, if found.


Version 1.2.12

  • First public release