Setup a dedicated Domain User for the Synchronizer

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To access the Exchange folders, a separate user account is needed on the Windows domain, e.g. SyncUser. This can be a normal domain user. Domain admin rights for this user are not required.

How to

Please follow the steps as described below.

1. Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers

2. Right-click Users select New and select User
3. Enter the details for the new user, for example; First Name: Sync, Last Name: User, Full Name: Sync User, User Logon Name: syncuser click Next
4. Type a password and set the correct options as stated in the image below.

5. Check the details of the user which will be created and click the Finish button.
Note Use this account for installation of the Synchronizer and check if the user has enough rights to run a Windows Service.