How to solve Throttling issues when using Office 365

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When using Office 365, influencing the throttling feature is impossible. But there are ways to work around these limitations so the Synchronizer is still able to work efficiently.

How to:

  • First stop the Synchronizer
  • Create an extra SyncUser per rank (as every user has a maximum amount of concurrent connections)
  • You have to create new connection settings in the Technical Settings of the Synchronizer admin.
  • In the Synchronizer admin go to the 'User Sync settings'
  • Select your first group of linked users, choose rank 1 & click 'Save user options'.

NOTE: When you see that 1 or more users have different sync types (diary, task and contacts) you cannot save the ranks in 1 pass. Otherwise all users would end up with the same settings. In this case it's better to save it per user.

  • Select the 2nd group and use rank 2 for these users (repeat for other ranks).
  • Next you have to create a 2nd service. Go to the InfoBridge\Exchange Online Synchronizer\Prerequisites folder and copy the 'Install extra service.cmd' file into the Exchange online Synchronizer folder. Run the file by doubleclicking it (Run as Administrator is recommended).
  • The next step is to add ranks to the 2 services, please read this KB Article.
  • Create new shortcuts to the Synchronizer admin, one for each rank. Add the rank in the start command, e.g. "C:\program files\InfoBridge\Exchange online synchronizer\InfoBridge Synchronizer Administrator.exe" /S1
  • Start the admin and make sure the service options are correct, including the correct server id (which is the rank number)

The preparations are done and you can start the new services.