System Requirements - Quote+ (Plus) Connector

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Quote+ (Plus) Connector @ CRMPlaza

The following prerequisites have to be met in order to use InfoBridge Quote+


  • SuperOffice 7.5 / 8.0 Windows
  • SuperOffice 7.5 SR1 / 8.0 Web
  • SuperOffice 8.1 Windows / Web
  • SuperOffice 8.2 Windows / Web
  • SuperOffice 8.3 Windows / Web
  • SuperOffice 8.4 Windows / Web
  • SuperOffice 8.5 Windows / Web

NOTE: End of life per 31-12-2020 - Unsupported in SuperOffice 9

Detailed checklists available here

  • .NET 4.0 needs to be installed
  • SuperOffice System license: Sales Quote Management
  • SuperOffice user license: Sales Quote Access (for each user that uses Quote+)
  • SuperOffice Standalone Quote Connector (Quote+ cannot extend third party quote connectors)
  • The Integration Server introduced with SuperOffice 7.5 a software license consisting of a:
    • Quote connector plugin-architecture
    • Synchronization Engine
    • Sync Connector plugin-architecture
    • Admin functionality for connectors, connections and integration settings in General
    • General API’s as part of Expander SDK


Next to the site license Sales Quote Management and the user license Sales Quote Access you will also need the license Integration Server. Contact your local SuperOffice Partner regarding these licenses.