Version History - Outlook Synchronizer for SuperOffice Online

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Version 1.81 (03-02-2015)

  • A duplicate prevention check is now in place: even if the id_mapper file is missing the synchronizer can recover synchronization history using the foreign key tables inside SuperOffice. Note that this only works for appointments created using the new version, so it will take some time before all users can benefit from this.
  • When the ICS files are corrupted the synchronizer will try to recover it automatically by removing corrupted ICS files.
  • Exchange cache mode will be disabled every time the Synchronizer starts. Previously this was only done in the initial setup wizard.
  • The synchronization range is now removed from the settings page to prevent duplicates when users changes the range in an incorrect way.
  • The synchronizer will now always log if the id_mapper.db3 file exists or if it has been deleted.
  • Some variables removed from the custom subject configurator (body, date and time).
  • A warning is shown now when the user is starting the synchronizer on a different machine. The check is based on the computer name:

Version 1.77 (30-04-2014)

  • Internal optimization

Version 1.74 - 1.76

  • Internal optimization

Version 1.73 (22-04-2014)

  • Admin screen is no longer shown after first time configuration

Version 1.72 (15-04-2014)

  • Support for SuperOffice Online 7.3
  • New token based login system

Version 1.71 (26-03-2014)

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Admin to start very slow when connected to an environment with a lot of companies

Version 1.66 - 1.70

  • Internal optimization

Version 1.65 (16-12-2013)

  • Support for Windows 8.1
  • Changed default log level to 'warning'. To enable debug logging: Start the shell with paramter /DEBUG or add the attribute debug="true" on the OnlineEngine line in the config file '%appdata%\Infobridge Online Synchronizer\InfoBridge.Synchronizer.Online.Shell.exe.config'

Also read this blog about DEBUG logging on SuperOffice DevNet.