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Version 2.0.6 for SO 8.2 (14-03-2018)

  • Support for SuperOffice 8.2
  • Fixed issue with embedding non-https YouTube and Vimeo content in https InfoPanels


Version 2.0.5 for SO8.1 and SO 8.2 (20-10-2017)

  • Compatible with SuperOffice 8.1, download here


Version 2.0.5 (06-04-2017)

  • Fixed issue in widget ‘SuperOffice Calendar Reader’. Appointments are no longer displayed as duplicated if multiple participants are involved
  • Fixed issue that could cause the widget ‘Chart based weather forecast’ to display an error message
  • Removed widget ‘Google weather map’. Google stopped support for this map type.


Version 2.0.4 (17-09-2015)

  • New Widget: SQL View chart based two column results
  • New Widget: SuperOffice: Logged in users
  • New Widget: SuperOffice: Sale selection Budget vs sold+open
  • New Widget: SuperOffice: Selection Members (generic)
  • Added "Exclude selected member types" parameter in Project members widget
  • Added "Weighted Amount" field in Sale selection widgets
  • Added "Hide age" parameter in Upcoming Birthdays widget
  • Added new view(with image) for Birthdays widget
  • Added Quote and Product entity types for Latest additions widget (available only on 7.5 build)


Version 2.0.3a (12-2-2014)

  • Fixed issue that caused the error ‘Sorry, an error occured while processing your request.’ on Windows 7 and Windows 2008


Version 2.0.3 (14-01-2015)

  • New: Added scheduling of individual panels on date, time, days and even/uneven weeks
  • New: Widget: Customer Service Ticket Chart
  • New: Widget: Project Member Count
  • New: Support for embedded images in ‘Twitter Search’ widget
  • New: Added earnings field for ‘sum’ in Sales Selection Chart Data and Sales Selection vs Budget Chart

Important note:
Please uninstall the existing InfoPanels if you are running a previous version of the application. Note that you will need to run the configuration again: all existing connection settings are removed. Create a backup of the web.config (found in the root of the installation directory of the InfoPanels) before uninstalling


Version 2.0.2 (08-04-2014)

  • New: Twitter API key can be overridden in web.config file
  • New: Twitter Search widget with new view
  • New: Added additional group column for sale: registered month and registered day
  • Improved feedback in login page
  • Small adjustments to positioning in SQL View table headers
  • Small security improvements
  • EasyConfig no longer warns that SuperOffice is not configured when 'Use SuperOffice' checkbox is off
  • Internet Explorer 11 in compatibility mode is now properly supported
  • Widget 'Sales Selection chart vs budget data' now properly shows correct selection (selections that contain date from more than one year)
  • Fixed issue in the calendar widget that caused items from yesterday to show up whilst 'today' was selected
  • Fixed issue in calendar reader that could cause 'null reference'


Version 2.0.1 (28-02-2014)

  • New: Added project members widget
  • New: Added clock widget
  • New: Sales Selection Chart: added group by owner usergroup and registeredAssociate
  • New: Document Selection Chart: added group by associate usergroup and registeredAssociate
  • New: Appointmen tSelection Chart: added group by associate usergroup and registeredAssociate
  • New: Company Selection Chart: added group by person country, company owner usergroup, registeredAssociate for company, registeredAssociate for person
  • Fixed issue where radio buttons in EasyConfig were not properly rendered when using Windows Classic skin
  • Minimum font-size is now 8 instead of 20 in header and clock widget
  • Tableview: Aligning of number and date columns will be 'right'
  • Changed textbox to passwordbox for admin password in admin/license setup
  • Added back button in license screen for first time setup
  • Various other small bug fixes


Version 2.0.0

  • First release.


Versions pre 2.0.0

  • Beta versions