Version History - Exchange Synchronizer V2

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Version 3.2.112 (09-02-2014)

  • Fixed an error when starting the service "Failed to write to an IPC Port"

Version 3.2.110 - 3.2.111

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.109 (27-08-2014)

  • There was an issue with recurring appointments in the Hong Kong Timezone. Hong Kong stopped using summer/winter times since 1979. And in these cases the timezone converter did not handle recurring appointments correct with the TimeZone Bias.

Version 3.2.106 - 3.2.108

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.105

  • Since Outlook version 2013, Outlook uses a 'INTERSTOR/Internet Folders provider' and saves all appointments online or in the IMAP folder and also local. This completely breaks with the way Outlook operated in previous versions and how it currently operates when connected to Exchange.

Version 3.2.104

  • When you setup a customized ‘External Subject line’ in the SuperOffice CRM Settings of the Synchronizer admin, the data from the subject line is no longer added in the body field.
  • When using the Outlook Synchronizer in a Terminal Server you could receive a 'fatal error' during the closing of the Synchronizer. During the execution of the /STOP command the synchronizer was looking to all sync processes, also those of other users. With the new UAC policy the path of those processes may no longer be retrieved.

Version 3.2.103

  • Fixed crash that was caused by corrupt person/country table

Version 3.2.102

  • License optimization

Version 3.2.101

  • Fixed display name value for Outlook contacts
  • Fixed body text and display issues with all day recurring appointments in Outlook

Version 3.2.100

  • Fixed a problem with the Display name in Outlook 2013, using a .pst file

Version 3.2.99

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.98

  • Fixed is an issue with updating a recurring all-day appointment

Version 3.2.97

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.96

  • If there was no checkbox selected in the Dialing Prefix panel of the Synchronizer admin, the phonenumbers made in SO SIX would be synchronized into Outlook without the leading zero.

Version 3.2.95

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.94

  • The synchronization of tasks could lead-up to an error stopping the synchronization proces.

In the logfile you would see this error: WARNING AppDomain[UnhandledExeption]: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Not a valid Win32 FileTime

Version 3.2.93

  • Included the Conversion tool in the Prerequisites folder

Version 3.2.92

  • Fixed potential problem with automatic license retrieval in service

Version 3.2.89 - 3.2.91

  • Internal optimization

Version 3.2.88

  • The ICS folder, journal.db3 and the logfile.txt is now placed in the local folder, we made this change as on some servers the sync user did not have write rights to the synchronizer folder per default.

You can now find these files here

  • "C:\Documents and Settings\<Synchronizer User>\Local Settings\Application Data\InfoBridge SuperOffice Exchange Synchronizer\"
  • "C:\Users\<Synchronizer User>\AppData\Roaming\InfoBridge SuperOffice Exchange Synchronizer"

Note : If you want to run multiple ranks with the services, please see here

Version 3.2.87

  • Internal release

Version 3.2.86

  • Internal release

Version 3.2.85

  • New: With this release it is now possible to synchronize the department field from SuperOffice to Outlook, this can be activated in "SuperOffice CRM Settings" in the Synchronizer Administrator.

Version 3.2.84

  • Internal release

Version 3.2.83

  • Internal optimization

Version 3.2.82

  • New: In this version there is an option to use the Scanning Method instead of the ICS method. (Before activating it, please delete the ICS folder and rename the journal.db3 file)

In the start command of the shortcut to the Synchronizer program you have to add the parameter /USESCANNINGMETHOD

e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoBridge\Exchange Synchronizer\InfoBridge Synchronizer.exe" /E /USESCANNINGMETHOD

For running the Service in Scanning Mode you have to add use ScanningMethod=1 just below [server] in the service.ini

Version 3.2.81

  • License Optimization

Version 3.2.80

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.79

Version 3.2.71 - 3.2.78

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.70

  • The Synchronizer is no also ready for SuperOffice 7.1
  • Contact pictures from SuperOffice contacts will now also be synchronized into Outlook
  • You can use an Outlook Category as a Follow-up type in SuperOffice (NOTE: Category and Follow-up type have to match). In the Synchronizer admin - SuperOffice CRM Settings you have to check the option 'Use External Category as Follow-up...'

NOTE: For more information on the synchronization of contact pictures and Follow-up types please see these kb articles:

Version 3.2.66 - 3.2.69

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.65

  • Using an Oracle database could give you a casting issue.

Version 3.2.64

  • Using Oracle with older versions of the synchronizer could give errors when saving settings in the Synchronizer admin
  • Moving a recurring Outlook appointment in the Outlook calendar could lead up to a missing appointment in SO

Version 3.2.59 - 3.2.63

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.58

  • The Gui starts but the Service does not. This can happen when you are using Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2003. It's a complex problem and it is due to Outlook 2003 MAPI and Legacy DN's to resolve Exchange servers and the Sync users there mailboxes.

We have solved the problem in this new 3.2.58 version. You do need to place an extra file in the Synchronizer folder; 'mapi.opt'. It's attached to this document.
NOTE: The Mapi.opt file only works from version 3.2.58 and only when you are using Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2003.

Version 3.2.57

  • The Service failed during start. This was due to the object server for the COM-object not being correctly initialized.

Version 3.2.56

  • Updating phonenumbers in some occasions went wrong. Due to a combination filter giving an early return when there was no phonenumber available for a contact.

Version 3.2.49 - 3.2.55

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.50

  • Matching recurring instances between SuperOffice and Outlook with all-day events.

Version 3.2.49

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.48

  • In this version persistent locking is activated.This means that files like journal.db3.jrnl cannot get locked if other processes on the machine are in use.

Version 3.2.47

  • Appointments with recurrency patterns which the Synchronizer cannotparse will be skipped.

Note: Extra information will be logged in the logfile

Version 3.2.46

  • Extra parameter option to turn off Unicode support. Use the parameter/DISABLEUNICODE in the GUI start command line to turn off Unicodesupport. For the Service you have to add disableUnicode=1 just below [Server].

Note: Please consult InfoBridge support for advice before using this option

Version 3.2.45

  • When changing ownership of a Superoffice appointment or task to anon-Synchronizer user the appointment or task was deleted from the SO database.This was due to delete notifications from Exchange which were not canceled and therefore the appointment or task was deleted from SO.

Version 3.2.44

  • Selection synchronization in SO Six could give you the following error:'Invalid column name 'targetTableNumber'. This is now resolved.

Version 3.2.43

  • The SO address lines 2 and 3 are now also synchronized to the addressline in the synchronized appointment and task body text in Outlook.

Version 3.2.42

  • Problems with the synchronization of the SuperOffice 7 location fieldtowards Outlook are now solved

Version 3.2.41

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.40

  • The Synchronizer is now compatible for SuperOffice Six and Seven

Version 3.2.27 - 3.2.39

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.26

  • Appointments created in SuperOffice were not synchronized from Exchange 2010 into some mobile devices. This was due to anyone required property.

Version 3.2.25

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.24

  • The Synchronizer could crash while processing the mapping between SuperOffice and Exchange id's
  • Some recurrent appointments from Outlook presented the Synchronizer with a unknown first day of the week value of -1

Version 3.2.23

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.22

  • ICS Synchronization would fail in some cases
  • Company and contact addresses are now synchronized correct into Outlook
  • Synchronization of tasks which were changed from the SO Checklist into the SODiary would sometimes fail
  • Opening the 'User Synchronization Settings' in the Synchronizer Admin couldgive you an "Unhandled Exception" error when you use Windows 7
  • In Windows server 2008 the creation of the Synchronizer tables could failwhen the Mutex was not correctly closed
  • When there were empty fields in the Synchronizer tables the synchronizercould present you with MessageID errors (mainly on Oracle databases)

Version 3.2.20 - 3.2.21

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.19

  • New: Support of using template variables to build Outlook subject line
  • New: Possibility to move time consuming tasks to a different time
  • New: Complete redesign of Synchronizer admin (maximize, sorting, filtering)
  • New: Speed improvement
  • New: Option to disable/enable synchronization of private appointments
  • New: Option to link blank appointment to fixed SuperOffice company
  • New: New Key code handling inside Synchronizer Admin
  • New: Full support for Microsoft SQL 2008
  • New: Full support for Microsoft Exchange 2010
  • Automatic Linking would fail in some cases
  • Synchronization of middle name
  • Postal address synchronization
  • Fixed High CPU load
  • Retired associates are no longer synchronized
  • Outlook color indication would be overwritten by the synchronizer
  • Problems with selecting a synchronized contactperson by using the To button in Outlook
  • Completed all-day event is uncompleted after synchronization
  • Executable file information in Windows explorer displays old version
  • Filtering of activity types on Oracle fails in certain situations
  • New: Participant information from a SuperOffice group appointment is Synchronized to Outlook

Version 3.2.10 - 3.2.18

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.9

  • Meeting reply / response requests where not always possible in Outlook if the appointment originated from SuperOffice
  • .NET Framework 64 bit is supported
  • New: The logging is now configurable in the Synchronizer Admin or can be changed while the Synchronizer is running, see installation manual for more information

Version 3.2.8

  • Some Russian UNICODE characters where not correctly synchronized
  • In certain rare cases the edit of a private appointment in Outlook was not reflected towards SuperOffice
  • In a hosted Exchange environment the message 'Invalid cast from'System.String' to 'InfoBridge.Connector.IMessageId); would sometimes appear
  • Synchronizer Admin: The limit of 400 days in the future has been removed
  • Synchronizer Admin: Loading the GAL will always display a loading dialog
  • Multi-language support added for task types

Version 3.2.7

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.6

  • In rare cases a dead-lock on the SQL server occured when the SuperOffice Database was stressed

Version 3.2.5

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.4

  • Correct window name in Taskbar is displayed of the activation screen
  • When Exchange/Outlook users have multiple calendars, the Synchronizer will only handle the default calendar of the user and will not listen to events ofthe other calendar.

Version 3.2.3

  • New: SuperOffice License system implemented

Version 3.2.2

  • Version number on EXE and DLL files

Version 3.2.1

  • Initial Release