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Exchange Synchronizer for Visma CRM Standard Edition (std) @ VismaPlaza

Exchange Synchronizer for Visma CRM Enterprise Edition (ent) @ VismaPlaza

Synchronizer Version 1.8.2 15-08-2014

  • New: Added support for Exchange 2013
  • .NET 4.0 is now required

Synchronizer Version 1.8.0a

  • Resolved issue that was caused by a specific .NET version which resulted in error message "The configuration section 'appSettings' has an unexpected declaration"

Synchronizer Version 1.8.0

  • The default department of the user is now set in Visma CRM for appointments coming from Exchange
  • Fixed an issue that could cause appointments to be linked to a user instead of resource

Synchronizer Version 1.7.9

  • Fixed a possible cancellation caused by specific Exchange environments

Synchronizer Version 1.7.8

  • Internal Optimization

Synchronizer Version 1.7.7

  • New and improved Configurator

Synchronizer Version 1.7.5 - 1.7.6

  • Internal Optimization

Synchronizer Version

  • Additional fix for synchronization of phones notes

Synchronizer Version 1.7.4

  • New: Added support for 190+ simultaneous users
  • New: Added option to disable housekeeping at startup
  • Updated MAPICDO version in prerequisites. This new version resolves issues with hanging appointments, caused by the Exchange MAPI
  • Fixed an issue with large appointments from Visma CRM
  • Fixed an issue with telephone notes that was introduced in version 1.5.9
  • Solved a rare issue that could cause synchronization to stop due to an special appointment in Visma CRM
  • Fixed a possible cause of cancellations when deleting the ICS folder and journal.db3
  • Fixed several possible causes of cancellations
  • Fixed an issue with Outlook appointments that contain a quote in the body text
  • Fixed an issue that could cause events not to be picked up when rescheduling a meeting in Visma CRM

Synchronizer Version 1.6.0 - 1.7.2

  • Internal Optimization

Synchronizer Version 1.5.9

  • Fixed an issue with invites from externals, where externals were not added as attendees in Visma CRM
  • Added prerequisites folder in installation directory
  • Added additional handling for large appointments coming from Outlook
  • Enabled synchronization of all types of Visma appointments. This solves various issues related to types.
  • A new setup is used from 1.5.9. To upgrade, a deinstall is required first.