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DataDirector @ CRMPlaza

Version 4.15 (16-05-2019)

  • This version is compatible with SuperOffice 8.5 R1


Version 4.14 (26-09-2018)

  • This version is compatible with SuperOffice 8.4 R1 -> 8.4 R8
  • New: Added options for Stakeholder criteria, more info


Version 4.13 (14-03-2018)

  • This version is compatible with SuperOffice 8.2 R4


Version 4.12 (30-10-2017)

  • This version is compatible with SuperOffice 8.1
    Note: Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are no longer supported, more info


Version 4.11 (03-08-2016)

  • Fieldrights work again for SO8 Web


 Version 4.10 (17-12-2015)

  • Compatibility with SuperOffice 8


Version 4.9 (05-08-2015)

  • Speed optimizations
  • Logging optimizations


Version 4.8

  • Internal optimizations for SuperOffice 7.5


Version (28-05-2014)

  • No more need to click twice to select the correct column in the DataDirector admin when setting up the rules
  • You are now able to select multiple items in the Secundary User Groups dropdown list


Version 4.7.3

  • The DataDirector configurator now registers the COM client correctly in SO 7.5.
  • Hold the CTRL-key while clicking the register button in the DataDirector configurator. This saves the command to your clipboard. This way you can copy it to your Command Prompt to check when things don't work


Version 4.7.2

  • New: On the entity Sale you can now choose the Sale fields as criteria


Version 4.7.1

  • Optimized the Web Plugin
  • Fixed date fields not being available in DataDirector admin


Version 4.7.0

  • New: The special NetServer rights Filtering, UpdateRestricted, Mandatory and Read-Only are now supported to provide better support with the latest versions of SuperOffice Web.

Filtering is especially useful when you want to hide appointments but show the time as blocked in the diary. In the COM plug-in Filtering is reflected as no rights at all and UpdateRestricted as read only rights.

Read-Only is especially useful in cases where the normal rules block-out standard SuperOffice functionality, for example if you have the need to block the probability % for changes by the user but not SuperOffice itself. In the COM plug-in Read-Only is reflected as no update rights.

  • New: The configuration application has been redesigned to be easier to use with SuperOffice 7.1.
  • New: Logging is optimized in order to detect better if sentry was called by either the COM or NetServer plug-in.
  • New: Compatibility has been optimized for all SuperOffice Web versions.
  • New: Other minor improvements in the Admin interface.


Version 4.6.0

  • New: Implemented the new InfoBridge licensing system.
  • New: Adds support for SuperOffice 7.1 +


Version 4.5.0

  • New: This version is ready for SuperOffice 7.1

NOTE: Please use the correct setup file corresponding to your SuperOffice version; 6, 7.0, 7.0SR1 & SR2, 7.1

  • Rules can be made with C# scripting


Version 4.4.0

  • Internal Optimization