Version History - Exchange Synchronizer for Visma Business

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Version 1.2.47

  • Resolved issue that was caused by a specific .NET version which resulted in error message: 'The configuration section 'appSettings' has an unexpected declaration.'

Version 1.2.44 - 1.2.45

  • Internal optimisation


  • Proper support for VUD-enabled environments with for Visma Business 5.32 and Visma Business 8.00

Version 1.2.43 (re-release)

  • New: From Visma Business 5.31 and up it is no longer required to have a named user for the Synchronizer
  • New: Support for Visma Business 5.32

Version 1.2.43

  • New: New configurator
  • New: Support for Visma Business 5.31
  • Fixes related to contact synchronization
  • Fixed issue that could cause deleted not to sync correctly

Version 1.2.10

  • Fix for possible out of sync situation when moving an, in Visma,deleted appointment in Outlook
  • Fixed an issue where updates of addresses for Visma Business contactswere not synced instantly to Outlook