How to Import Device Profiles

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InfoPanels support multiple Device Profiles, additionally it's possible to import / export Device Profiles.

This might come in handy when a company has multiple offices with seperate InfoPanels installations and the same type of information needs to be shown on the company informational screens.

How to:

  • Log in to the InfoPanels administration screen with your credentials
  • You will see all the different Device Profiles

A) To Create a new Device Profile from scratch, click on "Create New". The Create Device-Profile screen will be presented.

B) To Import a new Device Profile (XML-file) , click on "Import". A dialogue for the specific file will be presented.


A) Choose the “Select Files” button to browse to your XML file.

B) Use the “Import” button to start the import into the InfoPanels Device Profiles.

After the import is complete you will be presented with the “Edit Device Profile” screen. Change the Device Profile settings in this screen or save the imported Device Profile.

The newly imported Device will now be shown in your list of Device Profiles.

Edit Panels:

When the Device Profile is created in a different InfoPanels environment you should always check the different panels after the Device Profile is imported.

When a SuperOffice selection is used in the widget of the imported Device Profile, like the "SuperOffice: Sales Selection chart data" widget. The corresponding SuperOffice Sale Selection will most likely not exist in your SuperOffice database.

In the widget will display an error like below:


To fix this, click on the “Widget Parameter” button   in the widget and choose the correct SuperOffice Selection.