Top tip: Displaying external (SQL) in InfoPanel Widgets

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It's possible to display information from other sources with the newer SQL Widgets. Multiple view type widgets like Grid, Charts and Scrolling ticker tapes are all at your disposal, so be creative!


When using generic SQL Widgets the following parameters are required:

  • Connection string to the database
  • Table or View name
  • Optional: field name when grouping is required, for instance when using a Chart widget


Latest Licenses

This widget displays a table or view in a grid on the screen.

Full licenses this month / this year

This widget displays the result in a chart. A "group by field" to build the chart is required. Depending on the display mode a different chart will be presented.

New licenses today

This widget displays the count of records within a table or view.


This widget displays information from a view or table in a ticker tape.