How to fix login issues in SuperOffice Web 7.1

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Are you unable to login to SuperOffice Web 7.1? Then follow this article.

How to:

DataDirector versions version 4.7.1 or newer

Make sure DataDirector is installed in the Netserver folder of SuperOffice web. If not, please reinstall in the correct location and check the web.config of the Web installation.

DataDirector versions prior to version 4.7.1

Check if you have this message in the logfile: Required sentry plugin 'InfoBridge.DataDirector.Sentry' with Progid 'InfoBridge.DataDirector.Sentry has not been loaded!

If so please use the attached zip files to solve this login issue and follow these steps:

  • Create an extra folder in the Bin folder of Superoffice Web, e.g. Bin4507
  • Unzip the attached files into this folder
  • Open the web.config and change the SentryPlugin path to e.g. "Bin4507\InfoBridge.DataDirector.Sentries.NS.dll"
  • Save the web.config file
  • Reset IIS (Start the command prompt (with appropriate rights) - use the command: iisreset)