How to solve One Way Sync issues

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In certain situations, it might happen that only One Way sync is possible for one/multiple users. Normally this behaviour is paired with these messages in the logfile: ICS failed...

Note: ICS files (Incremental Change Synchronization) hold information on synchronized appointments for each user.

How to


Disable / Enable Sync options for the affected user(s)

Note: DO NOT REMOVE THE USER! Removing the user will introduce duplicates.

  • Stop the Synchronizer
  • Remove the synchronized items (Diary, Task, Contact) in the "User Synchronizer Items" in the Synchronizer Administrator
  • Click "Save Users Option"
  • Start the Synchronizer

When the options have been disabled:

  • Make sure that synchronization does not work for the "disabled" user(s)
  • Stop the Synchronizer
  • Add the sychronizer items again for the user(s)
  • Start the synchronizer

Reset the user(s) in the SyncUsers table

If the steps above do not work, you can try to reset the user(s) in the SyncUsers table. Please make a backup of the SuperOffice Database and make sure the Synchronizer Service is stopped. Also make sure the Synchronizer GUI is closed.

UPDATE crm5.syncusers <can be either crm5 or crm7 depending of you SuperOffice version>
SET ls_so_app_insert=1,
WHERE syncusers_id = ?? <Should be replaced with the syncuser which you want to reset>

Delete ICS & Journal files

Note: First consult your SuperOffice partner or InfoBridge Support. Rebuilding ICS files can take a very long time. 

  • Stop the Synchronizer Service
  • Open the Windows Explorer
  • Browse to the Exchange synchronizer folder
  • Rename the Journal.db3 file and the logfile.txt
  • Browse to the Exchange Synchronizer\ICS folder
  • Delete all ICS files
  • Restart the Synchronizer Service

At this point the Synchronizer will create new ICS files and new Journal.db3 files. Depending on the amount of appointments, it might take some time to completely update all files.

When the queue is back to 0 again, stop the Synchronizer and delete the Journal files again. Restart the Synchronizer service again and all is done.