System Requirements - Domino Synchronizer for SuperOffice CRM

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To use the Domino Synchronizer for SuperOffice CRM the following requirements have to be met:

Domino Server

Operating system (Server):

  • MS Windows Server 2003 or higher

Domino server version:

  • 7.0.4 FP1 to 9.0 (32 bit or 64 bit version)

Please note: IBM Connections and Verse is not supported.


  • Domino HTTP task must be bound to a free port.

(Normally this is port 80 but other ports can be configured.)


  • Domino HTTP task must be turned on
  • Domino HTTP must be used to serve HTML (no third party HTTP engines are supported).


  • HTTP only (SSL not supported)

User mail files (NSF):

  • User mail files must be physically located on the Domino Server where the Synchronizer is installed.

Notes Client:

  • n/a

SuperOffice Server

Operating system (Server):

  • MS Windows Server 2008 or higher (*)

Database platforms:

  • MS SQL Server 2000 or higher
  • Oracle 10.x (*)

SuperOffice CRM:

  • SuperOffice CRM Win / Web 6.0.x
  • SuperOffice CRM Win / Web 7.0.x
  • SuperOffice CRM Win / Web 7.1.x
  • SuperOffice CRM Win / Web 7.5.x
  • SuperOffice CRM Win / Web 8.0.x
  • SuperOffice CRM Win / Web 8.1.x
  • SuperOffice CRM Win / Web 8.2.x
  • SuperOffice CRM Win / Web 8.3.x
  • SuperOffice CRM Win / Web 8.4.x

Detailed checklists available here

SuperOffice Windows client:

The Synchronizer is updated to be able to run without a SuperOffice Win client. This applies to version 3.2.134 and higher. More info

NOTE: Only available for SuperOffice 8.3 R1 and higher

For older versions of the Synchronizer server we need the functional SuperOffice Windows client on the server where the Synchronizer is installed.


Do not block the Firewall TCP port 8040. This is used by the Domino server to communicate with the SuperOffice connector.

Note: The Domino Synchronizer Admin requires a local SuperOffice for Windows installation. At least one user with access to SuperOffice for Windows is required!

To create the database tables a user name and password of a database system administrator is required.

*) According to the standard requirements of SuperOffice CRM, please consult your SuperOffice partner.


Customer needs to prepare the following before the task begins:

  • Administrator access to the Domino environment
  • Person responsible for the Domino environment must be available
  • The installation will demand a restart of the Domino server application
  • A server ID or an Administrator ID that has access to all the mailboxes must be used to sign the Domino Synchronizer Notes databases (at least editor with delete rights)
  • Access to a server where the Domino Synchronizer will be installed
  • Administrator access to the server
  • Access to a client PC with both SuperOffice and Lotus Notes clients installed
  • A user id and password are required for SuperOffice and Lotus Notes, for testing purposes