How to grant rights using the Google Token Authentication Manager

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We have 2 ways of authenticating users when the Google Synchronizer for SuperOffice CRM is used. (For SuperOffice CRM On-Premise only)

Method 1 involves granting rights to the entire domain, which is explained in this KB article.

Method 2 involves the users authorizing the Google Synchronizer themselves. This method is explained in this KB article.

How to

Note The G Suite domain name in the Technical Settings pane should be empty when using this authentication method!

  • Start the Google Synchronizer admin
  • Go to the User Synchronization panel
  • Click the Manage Invites button to start the Google Token Authentication Manager


All SuperOffice associates will be shown in the manager. Select the users who need to be synchronized.

By clicking the Send button, an email will be send to the selected users (to the e-mail address specified in SuperOffice, so make sure these are correct!).

In the Invitation mail the administrator can customize the text and add his name in the Your Name section.

Note: The Emails are send from the address so make sure this address is not classified as spam.


If the administrator wants to inform his users in another way, that is also a possibility. He just needs to provide the users with the authorization code (in the screenshot above this code is 6n8916) and the url to the Google authorization platform:

The user needs to click the link in the e-mail. Next he/she will need to sign in to his/her Google account.

After signing in, the user needs to authorize the Google Synchronizer by clicking the Accept button.

After the users have accepted, the administrator can link the users in the Synchronizer admin.

  • First click the Load External Users button. Only the users who have accepted will be loaded.
  • Choose the SuperOffice associate to link and select the corresponding mailbox
  • Select which items (Diary, Task, Contact) need to be synchronized
  • Click on the Link User button to link
  • Click the Save Added Users button to save the linked user in the SuperOffice database.


As an optional step you can even choose to delete the online registration data after all users are linked. In the Google Token Authentication Manager you need to click on the Delete Registration button. After this all data from the customer will be deleted from the online database.