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Outlook Online Synchronizer

Version 3.2.292 (13-05-2020)

New Feature

  • SuperOffice invites support
    SuperOffice introduces the SuperOffice invites. It is one of the most requested features and it enables the user to send out invites to participants which will be recognized by the external mail systems like Outlook and Google, the invites can be accepted just like regular Outlook or Google invitations.
    For customers using the Synchronizer, there is a complication to using invitations and that is that it would lead to duplicates because both Outlook and SuperOffice will create appointments and both will be synchronized as individual appointments by the Synchronizer.
    Together with Superoffice, we have created a new version of the Synchronizer which can cope with the invitations and within SuperOffice there is a safety mechanism in place to safeguard the users from getting duplicates or out of sync appointments. More info
  • In the Sync admin we have added the option in External Settings to "Set invited participants in Appointment and Task in SuperOffice". More info 

Bug fixes

  • Fix for Office 365 users receiving a 401 error when Loading users in the Sync admin - User Synchronization Settings. More info

Version 3.2.265 (15-08-2019)

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue where the Next activity Date in Sales did not update correct after a sale activity was updated in Outlook and synchronized back to SuperOffice

New feature

  • External subject lines now have the option to add Sale Name to the external subject line fields. See the Synchronizer admin > SuperOffice CRM Settings > External subject line
  • An extra option is created in the Synchronizer Admin to delete retired contacts from your Outlook contact list. See the Synchronizer admin > SuperOffice CRM Settings > Delete retired contacts

Version 3.2.250 - 3.2.264

  • Internal optimization

3.2.249 (13-03-2019)

  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause private appointments in SuperOffice to be public after an update in Outlook

3.2.247 (12-12-2018)

  • Fixed an issue in the EWS code which could send the Sync in a loop and cause warnings in the logfile like: An item with the same key has already been added.
  • Patched EWS API

 3.2.246 (20-11-2018)

  • Internal optimization 

 Version 3.2.240 (19-07-2018)

  • Added support for new SuperOffice soft-delete functionality

Version 3.2.236 (06-06-2018)

  • Exchange EWS updates


Version 3.2.235 (16-05-2018)

  • Fixed an issue with deleting the Sync tables. This is now possible again with /DELETESYNCTABLES, more info
  • Exchange EWS updates
  • Better processing of deleting Exchange appointments. They tended to stay in a loop


Version 3.2.231-3.2.234

  • Internal optimization


Version 3.2.230 (20-03-2018)

  • Fixed an issue with Oracle databases


Version 3.2.225-3.2.229

  • Internal optimization


Version 3.2.224 (14-03-2018)

  • This version is compatible with SuperOffice versions:
    SuperOffice CRM Windows 7.0
    SuperOffice CRM Windows 7.1
    SuperOffice CRM Windows 7.5
    SuperOffice CRM Windows 8.0
    SuperOffice CRM Windows 8.1
    SuperOffice CRM Windows 8.2
  • SO client not needed anymore once the tables are created
  • EWS library changes to solve "Unable to retrieve entry id of message! Regarding it as not saved" error.


Version 3.2.15-3.2.223

  • Internal optimization


Version 3.2.214b-SO8.2R01 (04-01-2018)


  • This version is compatible with SuperOffice 8.2R01 


Version 3.2.214-SO8.1R03 (04-12-2017)


  • This version is compatible with SuperOffice 8.1R03


Version 3.2.214 (20-11-2017)


  • Some references on .NET were not valid. This could cause a MAPI dependencies error


Version 3.2.213 (30-10-2017)


  • This version is compatible with SuperOffice 8.1
    Note: Windows XP is no longer supported, more info


Version 3.2.212

  • Internal Optimization


Version 3.2.211 (18-10-2017)


  • Fixed an issue with follow-up types. If you would assign a meeting to another associate the Synchronizer would synchronize this appointment even if this follow-up type was not selected in the Synchronizer admin.


Version 3.2.198-3.2.210 

  • Internal optimization


Version 3.2.197 (05-09-2017)


  • The Synchronizer service will now automatically attempt to recover the connection to Exchange after it is lost. It should be no longer necessary to create batch tasks to stop and start the service every night.
  • All person email addresses are now synchronized to Outlook instead of only the first one
  • Out of Office appointment status in Outlook is synchronized to SuperOffice as 'busy' now, instead of 'free'
  • Added option to make all appointments that are synchronized from Outlook private in SuperOffice, more info
  • Added option to make all tasks that are synchronized from Outlook private in SuperOffice, more info
  • Added option to make pending (not accepted) meeting invites from Outlook private in SuperOffice, more info
  • Added option to make pending (not accepted) meeting invites from SuperOffice private in Outlook, more info
  • Updated Synchronizer Administrator interface to look more like SuperOffice 8


  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause Outlook reminders to come back after dismissal
  • Added the company department to the list when selecting a default company in the Synchronizer Administrator
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the completing of a future task in SuperOffice from being synced to Outlook


Version 3.2.191

  • Fixed an issue when stopping the Synchronizer Service. You sometimes could get a 1061 Error: The Service cannot accept control messages at this time. In this new version we will try to stop the Synchronizer after a fixed time-out. (before the time-out of the Windows Service Control expires)


Version 3.2.183-3.2.190 

  • Internal optimization


Version 3.2.182 (04-08-2016)

  • Synchronization of users could fail when there were no associates available to retrieve the group_idx


Version 3.2.178-3.2.181 (04-06-2016)

  • Internal optimization


Version 3.2.177 (19-04-2016)

  • Internal optimization


Version 3.2.176 (13-04-2016)

  • All-Day appointments. In this version the all-day start/end time in the userpreference is respected. When a user does not use a prefered start/end time for all-day appointments the default values will be used.


Version 3.2.172 (21-10-2015)

  • Internal optimization
  • Compatibility with SuperOffice 8


Version 3.2.171 (10-09-2015)

  • Internal optimization


Version 3.2.170

  • Internal optimization 


Version 3.2.167

  • Fixed issue Unable to handle recurring message: The added or subtracted value results in an un-representable DateTime.
  • Fixed Connection time-out 


Version 3.2.165 (14-07-2015)

  • Fixed an issue with an infinite loop with certain recurring appointments


Version 3.2.163 (09-06-2015)

  • Fixed an issue with the language flag not being respected when being placed in the service.ini file


Version 3.2.161a (07-05-2015)

  • Fixed an issue with the back-up option in the x64 Converter tool


Version 3.2.161 (26-03-2015)

  • SuperOffice users on version 7 or 7.1 could receive a ActiveErpLinks error. This backwards compatibility issue is now resolved


Version 3.2.160 (17-03-2015)

  • Internal Optimization


Version 3.2.159a (12-03-2014)

  • An error could occur during converting from Exchange Sync v2 to Exchange Online Sync; External component has thrown an exception

We created a new converter with some extra security to the MAPI library, this should prevent the error from occuring.
It could still be that a user cannot be converted, but we should receive a more clear error this time.

Version 3.2.159

  • The Admin handles oab.xml correctly in the OAB url


Version 3.2.157-3.2.158 (21-01-2015)

  • Internal Optimization


Version 3.2.156 (14-01-2015)

  • Added more detailed information to the  ‘Time zone configuration warning’ screen
  • The Synchronizer will now fill out the preferredTZLocation’ column in the appointment table for appointments created in Outlook if time zones are enabled in SuperOffice.

Time zones enabled in SuperOffice: Make sure that the TZ configuration on the system running the Synchronizer corresponds with your active database Time zone of SuperOffice.
Time zones not enabled in SuperOffice: make sure the Time zone configuration on the system running the Synchronizer corresponds with the time zone configured on your SuperOffice client systems.


  • Subject line of a synchronized Outlook appointment remains intact after changing the date/time in SO


Version 3.2.155 (06-01-2015)

  • Extended Back-off strategy code. When the Exchange Server experiences power loss or when time-outs appear on Exchange connections the Synchronizer will be able to deal with this, partially (when connection issues persist then the Sync of course cannot handle this)

Version 3.2.154 (22-12-2014)

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.153

  • Some checkboxes (e.g. impersonation) stayed empty even after selecting them. In the database all was fine.

Version 3.2.152

  • Internal server error. The synchronizer now has a back-off strategy implemented, which throttles the requests and after the "Internal server error" slowly picks up speed again.

Version 3.2.151

  • Error when loading the users the first time. This was due to non valid SSL certificates

Version 3.2.148 - 3.2.150

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.147

  • In case no Company and Contact was selected in SO and the alarm was dismissed in Outlook the original SO appointment and type was changed to an Outlook type. This is now fixed by adding a delimiter to the subject line.

Version 3.2.146

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.145

  • Throttling options also available when using ranks
  • In Exchange 2013 SP1 you could have empty body text in Outlook. A fallback to parse HTML output when plain text is not available. You can enable the HTML mode by starting the synchroniser with the /HTML option, or alternatively, creating an empty file named 'html.body' in the synchroniser directory.
  • Solved various issues which caused log warnings like "Unable to complete ICS run" and "The given key was not present in the dictionary"
  • Contacts without an email address are now properly synced to Exchange
  • Brand new icons for the Synchronizer admin and program

Version 3.2.142 - 3.2.144

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.141 (20-5-2014)
  • Limit number of concurrent requests is now default set to 20 in the Technical settings of the Synchronizer admin
  • Loading users twice on start-up
  • The error 'Unable to schedule ics run for user ..' for inactive synchronizer users is now removed from the logfile.

Version 3.2.140 (27-04-2014)
  • When starting the Synchronizer only the active Synchronizer users are loaded. Temporarily disabled users are ignored.
Version 3.2.139 (25-04-2014)
  • Build in options to solve Throttling issues
Version 3.2.138 (09-04-2014)
  • Participants from your own company and other companies in SO are now synchronized correctly into the body text in Outlook appointments and tasks. Of course you need to make sure the option 'Set invited Participants in Appointment and Task' is ticked in the SO CRM Settings of the Synchronizer admin.

Version 3.2.136 - 3.2.137
  • Internal optimization 

Version 3.2.135
  • Synchronizing tasks from Outlook to SO showed a wrong date in SO.

Version 3.2.134
  • Sync tables have been adjusted for Oracle.

version 3.2.133
  • For customers Using Exchange 2007 (seen on Exchange 2007 SP3 onpremise and hosted exchange 2007), the contact address book is not displaying the name or display name for synchronized contacts when opening the contacts in an e-mail.

version 3.2.132
  • In the logfile you could have these messages:  Unable to handle recurring message: The added or subtracted value results in an un-representable DateTime.

Version 3.2.131
  • A TimeZone conversion with infinite pattern end date could in some cases lead to a DateTime overflow
  • When closing an exception, when not found, this could cause problems making the appointment end up in a retry queue

Version 3.2.128-3.2.130
  • Internal optimization

Version 3.2.127

  • When using the Outlook Synchronizer in a Terminal Server you could receive a 'fatal error' during the closing of the Synchronizer. During the execution of the /STOP command the synchronizer was looking to all sync processes, also those of other users. With the new UAC policy the path of those processes may no longer be retrieved.

version 3.2.126
  • A specific problem with Exchange 2007 and recurring appointment. Exceptions were created in Exchange from SuperOffice. Exchange : Version 2007 SP3 (build 83.6)
Error : DEBUG ExchangeWebServiceAppointmentMessage[Save]: Unable to save appointment: Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.ServiceLocalException: StartTimeZone required when setting the Start, End, IsAllDayEvent, or
Recurrence properties. You must load or assign this property before attempting to update the appointment.

Version 3.2.125
  • Option to change the time of the Housekeeping. Default it will start at 02:00
The parameter to use for the GUI is /HOUSEKEEPING:00:15
The parameter to use for the service should be put in the service.ini:

Version 3.2.124
  • Internal optimization
(* Extra parameter voor housekeeping, just for GUI. Synchronizer.exe /HOUSEKEEPING:00:15

Version 3.2.121 - 3.2.123

  • Internal optimization

Version 3.2.121
  • License optimization

Version 3.2.120
  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.119
  • In this version we can change the interval in which exchange events are checked. This option can be found in the Synchronizer admin - Options. The default value is 15 seconds. When the synchronizer is slow in retrieving new or changed events from Exchange you can change the value to 120 or 240 for instance. Please consult InfoBridge Support before changing the value. 

Version 3.2.118

  • The Service starts as soon as the first user's mailbox is retrieved. In older versions all user's had to be retrieved and this could give a time-out error

Version 3.2.117
  • Internal Optimization 

Version 3.2.116
  • Option to speed-up the synchronization, in case you see a lot of Polling activity in the logfile.
  • In the Sync admin - Options we have build the option "streaming Notification". Only use this option when the regular options are not sufficient in speeding up the synchronization of appointments. Instead of polling each mailbox, notifications will be send through open connections to the synchronizer. Please consult InfoBridge Support before using this options.

Version 3.2.115
  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.114
  • All-Day recurring appointments were not able to be updated.

Version 3.2.113

  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.112

  • If there was no checkbox selected in the Dialing Prefix panel of theSynchronizer admin, the phonenumbers made in SO SIX would besynchronized into Outlook without the leading zero.

Version 3.2.111
  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.110

  • Convertor Tool optimized
  • Added a check so that it doesn't try to set the EndTimeZone. This property wasn't yet supported in Exchange 2007 SP1
  • Fixed a problem where Exchange was treating recurring occurrences different from normal appointments.

Version 3.2.107 - 3.2.109
  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2.106
  • Time zone issues with synchronized appointments
  • Convertor Tool optimized. 
A new option was added where we can now match users by using smtp address instead of using the OAB addressbook, which in some cases isn't updated recently enough.
Also support for X500 / Exchange e-mail address aliases within the OAB was added, so when there are multiple addressess configured, these will also be taken into account.

Version 3.2.105
  • Internal Optimization

Version 3.2 104
  • All day appointments created in SuperOffice were given a false start and end date/time
  • SuperOffice follow-up types which have a comma in the name were not synchronized

Version 3.2.103
  • Internal optimization

Version 3.2.102
  • The Converter tool has been optimized. The conversion is done faster and issues where users could not be opened are now solved.

Version 3.2.101
  • Internal optimization

Version 3.2.100
  • Not all changed appointments were updated by the Synchronizer. This was due to failing of internal validation within the managed API. The error in the logfile.txt will hold debug lines like:
DEBUGExchangeWebServiceAppointmentMessage[Save]: Unable to save appointment:Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.ServiceLocalException: StartTimeZonerequired when setting the Start, End, IsAllDayEvent, or
Recurrenceproperties. You must load or assign this property before attempting to updatethe appointment.

Version 3.2.94 - 3.2.99
  • Internal optimization
Version 3.2.93

Version 3.2.84 - 3.2.92
  • Beta versions