How to stop / start the Exchange Online Synchronizer using batch files

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It might happen that the Exchange  Synchronizer stops when the Sync server was rebooted. It might look that the service has been started, but no synchronization occurs. This might be solved by using a task which stop/starts the Synchronizer automatically every night (or to another schedule you might prefer).

How to

  • Create 2 batch files, 1 for stopping the service and 1 for starting the service and place them somewhere on the server (for instance Stop_Exchange_Synchronizer.bat / Start_Exchange_Synchronizer.bat)
    • Command for stopping: NET STOP InfoBridge.Synchronizer.Service
    • Command for starting: NET START InfoBridge.Synchronizer.Service
  • Open the Windows Task Scheduler and create a Task
  • Choose an appropriate name: Start Exchange Synchronizer
  • Choose: Run whether user is logged on or not
  • Check the Run with highest privileges option
  • Go to the Triggers tab and choose a desired time (don't forgot to pick the startup time after the stop time)
  • Click the Actions tab and choose the correct bat / cmd file
  • Click OK and fill in credentials when needed
  • Repeat above steps for the Stop sequence

Please note, give the Stop sequence some time to stop. Best Practice is a 15 minute window between stopping and starting.

You might also use the premade batch files, check the downloads at the bottom of this KB article.