Top tip: Automatic Contact Sync for created appointments

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All our Synchronizer have a feature on board which synchronizes contact persons if you create an appointment in SuperOffice which has a contact linked to the appointment.

Please note: The contacts will be automatically removed after the appointments are outside of the Sync Range! The default sync range is 30 days in the past, 120 days in the future.

This article applies to:

  • All our Synchronizers

Top tip:

Requirement for this feature is enabling the Contact Sync option in the Sync Admin for the Synchronizers which have a Sync Admin. For instance, the Outlook Synchronizer for SuperOffice Online has this feature enabled by default.

  • Open the Sync Admin and go to the User Synchronization Settings pane
  • Select the associate(s) you would like to change
  • Enable the Contact option
  • Click Save Users Options
  • Restart the Synchronizer Service