How to Verify the Domino Server Architecture version

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To install the correct version for your Domino architecture, we first need to know which architecture is being used ( 64 bit / 32 bit).

How to

  • Open the Domino Administrator
  • Go to the Server-tab

  • Open the server console and press Live / Connect:
  • Enter the following command: SHOW STATISTIC Server.Version.Architecture

In case the Domino server is 64-bit the following will appear:

Server.Version.Architecture= 64 Bit

In case the Domino Server is 32 bit the console will read:

Server.Version.Architecture= 32 Bit

In case an older version of Domino is used (for example 7.x) the server console will display:

SERVER.VERSION.ARCHITECTURE not found in server statistics table.

In this situation the version will always be 32-bit.