How to solve issues with Static Selections & Contact Sync

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I have added a static selection(s) in my Nebula Synchronizer preferences, but newly added contacts are not synced? How is this possible?

By default, SuperOffice CRM Online "updates" the Static Selection only once per 24 hour.

This means the Nebula Synchronizer doesn't detect changes to your static selection until 24 hours later. This can be solved by allowing selections to replicate within SuperOffice CRM Online.

How to:

  • Click the Preferences button in the left pane
  • Search for "Select" in the Search bar
  • Select the preference System / Replicate Selections
  • Click the +Add button in the bottom

  • Select System
  • Select Yes for Replicate Selections
  • Click the Save button

  • Done!

Please allow some time before all selections are replicated. This is dependant on the SuperOffice CRM Online architecture.

Your Static Contact Selection(s) will be synced soon by the Nebula Synchronizer. Changes to your settings within My Nebula Synchronizer are not necessary.,