Top tip: Understanding the Service.ini parameters

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Written by Thomas Speekenbrink


This article will explain which parameters are possible to include in the service.ini file.



The SO section contains SuperOffice parameters

  • uid=crm7
  • uid is the SuperOffice user which is set up as database user
  • pwd=SSteLUMvBzFfM001Ujc=
  • pwd is the encrypted password for the SuperOffice database user
  • dsn=superoffice7
  • The dsn is the ODBC connection name for the SuperOffice Database Connection
  • prefix=CRM7
  • prefix is the SuperOffice database table prefix
  • language=GE
  • With the language parameter you can choose which language to synchronize. In this example we Synchronize a German installation. Use the same values as you find in the SuperOffice Admin.


The Server section parameters are related to the Synchronizer

  • serverId=0
  • serverId displays which rank this service is set for, this value is only informative for the synchronizer version 3.2.88 and newer. For the service to take a specific rank, you will need to update the service in the registry. (please see How to add a Rank to the Synchronizer Service )
  • logLevel=info
  • loglevel contains which logging level has been set for the Synchronizer, the values are either warning / informational / debug.
  • useScanningMethod=1
  • useScanningMethod was made when we saw issues with the ICS folder. When this is command is set to 1 then the ICS folder will not be created. There is a performance impact when using this, as it will poll more often to the Exchange server. More information: (at version 3.2.88)