How to configure Domino Replication for the Domino Synchronizer

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All appointments and tasks that are replicated from a different Domino Server will be picked up by the Domino Synchronizer.

However if the Domino Server is running the Domino Synchronizer execute replication by a “PULL”, a task should be added in the SONO_Task_List section in the Notes.ini file. 

Since version 1.2.26 of the Domino Synchronizer, replication is fully supported for all appointments and task created in Domino.

There is however some extra configuration required to support one type of replication, all other types are supported without any changes to the default configuration.

Check out the table below to find out whether or not additional configuration is required:

Replication type

Initiated from Domino Sync server

Initiated from other Domino server towards Domino Sync server

Pull Pull



Pull Push



Pull only



Push only




The general rule is: When the Synchronizer server instigates a PULL, the additional setting has to be configured.

How to

In case the additional configuration is required, the following item has to be added to the notes.ini on the Domino server:

Add "nreplica.exe" to the SONO_Task_List

The final result would look like this:

SONO_Task_List=nserver.exe, nhttp.exe, nreplica.exe