How to Convert the Exchange Synchronizer

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Follow this guide to convert the Exchange Synchronizer for Visma CRM to the Exchange Synchronizer EWS for Visma CRM.

How to:

The difference between the two Synchronizers is the way they connect to Exchange.

  • The Exchange Synchronizer for Visma CRM connects via MAPI
  • The Exchange Synchronizer EWS for Visma CRM connects to Exchange using Exchange Web Services (EWS)

Because the two version use a different connection and synchronization techniques upgrading is not just a matter of running a new setup file.

What needs to be done:

  • First of all the current Exchange Synchronizer for Visma CRM needs to be uninstalled
  • Make sure that the “Installation Preparations” are met (See the InstallManual_Exchange Synchronizer EWS for Visma CRM-Preperation document for detailed information on how to do this)
  • Create a backup of the Exchange database
  • Install the Exchange Synchronizer EWS for Visma CRM
  • Configure the Exchange Synchronizer EWS for Visma CRM according to the description in the Installation Manual

By configuring the new Synchronizer you will notice you have to re-link all the users again. When you need to re-link users this means the Synchronization history is lost. The Synchronizer is no longer aware of which appointments are already synchronized. Starting the synchronizer at this point will cause all appointments to be synchronized and thus creating duplicates.

This can be prevented by cleaning one of the two calendars. Our experience is that this is done the most easiest in Outlook.

Remove the already synchronized appointments in Outlook.

The Synchronizer by default synchronizes 30 days back and 120 days in the future.  Within this timeframe you will need to remove the already synchronized appointments.

NOTE: Tasks are not synchronized and should not be removed from outlook.