How to create DEBUG logging when using the Exchange (Online) Synchronizer

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Written by Thomas Speekenbrink


When problems arise, we might ask for Debug logging, which shows us invaluable information to solve your Synchronizer issue(s). Follow this article to create Debug logging when using the Exchange (Online) Synchronizer.

How to:

  • Log into the Synchronizer Server as the SyncUser
  • Stop the InfoBridge Synchronizer service in services.msc

  • Go to %appdata%/Infobridge folder

  • Rename (or delete) the logfile.txt (logfile.old.txt for instance)
  • Open the Sync Admin and go to the Options panel
  • Change the loglevel to Debug (Save warning, informational and debugging messages to logfile)
  • Click Apply this Setting for All the Users

  • Start the Synchronizer service and reproduce the problem a couple of times (2 or 3 times)
  • Stop the Sync Service
  • Collect the logfile.txt in %appdata%/Infobridge and send it to us