Understanding the different Modes for the Google Synchronizer Personal

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The personal version of the Google Synchronizer for SuperOffice CRM can be installed in two different ways:

  • G Suite mode
  • Regular mode


If your company does not use G Suite the checkbox needs to be checked, indicating you own a regular Gmail account.

Google described the different account types as such:

“Although Google Apps and Google Accounts allow you to access several of the same Google products, they're different types of accounts.

A Google Account is a unified sign-in system that provides access to a variety of free Google consumer products -- such as Gmail, Google Groups, Google Shopping List, Picasa, Web History, iGoogle, and Google Checkout -- administered by Google.

Google Apps provides access to products powered by Google but administered by your organization.”

Please refer to the Google help pages for more information:

Technical details:

If Regular Mode is selected in the installer the shortcuts in your start menu will have an additional parameter: /GP

This will set the Synchronizer Client and Admin to Regular Mode, removing specific Google Apps options.