How to configure the Exchange v2 Sync to synchronize with Multiple Exchange servers

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You are currently using the Exchange Synchronizer v2, but you also have multiple Exchange servers and you would like to synchronize both servers with the same SuperOffice database.

Follow this guide and find out how.

Several instances are possible, but only when using the Exchange Synchronizer in Windows Service mode. When the Synchronizer is started as a Windows Service the complete process runs in an independent ‘bubble’. Due the nature of this ‘bubble’ feature it is possible to run multiple instances because the ‘bubbles’ are running independently from the other ‘bubbles’.

The normal installation program of the Exchange Synchronizer v2 does not allow installing the Synchronizer twice, when starting the installation program the second time the user has the option to remove the Synchronizer. This behavior is common for all setup programs.

How to:

However installing the Synchronizer twice is easy. Just copy some files and run a Windows command file. Follow the steps as described below.

  • Copy all the files of the installed Exchange Synchronizer to a different directory, for example c:\Program Files\InfoBridge\Exchange Synchronizer 2
  • Start the Synchronizer Admin from C:\Program Files\Exchange Synchronizer 2 and configure all the options
  • Copy the Windows command file 'C:\Program Files\InfoBridge\Exchange Synchronizer 2\ Prerequisites\Install Extra Service.cmd' to C:\Program Files\InfoBridge\Exchange Synchronizer 2
  • Run the Windows Command file in C:\Program Files\InfoBridge\Exchange Synchronizer 2 (This will install the Service the second time)
  • Repeat all the steps for different instances.