How to solve SQL Native Client Errors during the startup of the Synchronizer v2

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Customers using SQL2005 sometimes receive an error during the start of the Synchronizer:

Unable to login to the SuperOffice database, please re-check your connection settings”

Error: ERROR [28000] … Login failed for user ‘xx’

Follow this article to resolve such issues.

How to:

It could be that ’dbAuthentication only’ is not checked in the SOAdmin.

  • Start SoAdmin
  • Go to the 'Users' section
  • Select the synchronizer user and tick the ’dbAuthentication only’ checkbox
  • Save the change and try again

If the errors still appears you should start the SQL Server Management Studio and login with the SuperOffice level 0 account.

  • Go to the Security folder
  • Open the Logins folder and select the user who has the login error
  • Open the properties and re-enter the password, confirm the password and click OK
  • Try to login again to the Synchronizer