How to force Synchronize Appointments which have already been processed

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In very specific cases, it might happen that appointments are processed but not correctly synchronized. In these cases you would like to force the Synchronizer to rescan all appointments again and synchronize the missing ones.

Normally this is not possible. Resetting the sync user (as per this KB article) will not solve this issue, also deleting journal and ICS files will not solve this issue.

We have a tool which forces the synchronizer to check all appointments from a user, which is called the "Kicker". But as this tool makes changes in the TravelTransaction log be very cautious.

This tool is unsupported (!) and should only be used when there is no other option. Use it at your own risk!

Important: Before you use the Kicker please create a proper backup of the SuperOffice Database!

How to

You can find the tool attached in this article, both for MSSQL and Oracle

  • The zip file may be unzipped into any folder you like
  • Stop the Synchronizer
  • Start the file SynchronizerKickv2.exe
  • Set the correct ODBC settings and test the connection, if ok click Save

The Synchronizer Kicker

  • Fill in the date from which the Kicker should 'kick' the appointments
  • The associateID can be filled with a specific ID or 0 if it concerns all synchronizer users
  • You can choose to skip tasks
  • Kick Synchronizer

After you receive a message with a summary of the number of appointments which have been kicked you can restart the Synchronizer. 

After the kicker has finished please restart the Synchronizer and you will notice that it will resync the (missing) appointments.