How to update an older version Synchronizer to the newest version

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So we see quite often that maintenance on the Synchronizer is forgotten. This can be either positive and negative. So in a number of cases it will just keep on running and functioning, which is great news. But in other cases, problems might have occured which are fixed in newer versions.

How to:

When the Synchronizer hasn't been updated in a long time (say a year or longer), it is best practice to do a reinstall, because it happens in specific cases that not all files are overwritten/updated correctly.

Please follow these steps when updating from an old version:

  • Stop the Synchronizer service (in services.msc)
  • Deinstall the old Synchronizer from Windows Programs & Features
  • Check if the installation directory is empty (normally C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoBridge\... ) and delete the files and folders of the Synchronizer you are trying to deinstall if there are leftovers
  • Download the latest version of the Synchronizer:
    • Exchange Synchronizer v2: Please contact InfoBridge
    • Exchange Online Synchronizer EWS (aka v3): click here
  • Run the installer which you just downloaded and follow the installation instructions
  • Configure the Windows service as the SyncUser