How to move a Synchronizer installation to another Server

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Written by Thomas Speekenbrink


It happens quite frequently, that the Synchronizer installation must be transferred / migrated to another server. Often this is due to the outphasing of an older server. Follow these steps if you would like to migrate the installation to another server.

Please note that this will not induce duplicates. The biggest part of the configuration (and sync history) is retained in the SuperOffice Database. So the risk of duplicates is next to zero %.

How to:


  • Stop the Synchronization Service / GUI on the existing server
  • Disable the service in services.msc to be sure


  • Log in on the new server as the SyncUser
  • Install the SuperOffice Windows Client on the new server
  • Download and install the latest version from the Synchronizer at
  • Start the SyncAdmin and check:
    • Technical Settings
    • Service Options
  • Optional Step: copy the %appdata%/InfoBridge folder from the SyncUser from the old server to the new server.

This step will save you some time, as the ICS + Journal files will not have to be rebuilt again, but when using the v2 MAPI based Synchronizer, it might also be a good idea to begin with fresh journal + ICS files, as corruption could happen quite often in these files.

Verifying the installation

  • Run the Synchronizer GUI on the new server
  • Verify that the Synchronizer operates like it should.

If you skipped the optional step, it might take a little while before normal operation occurs (because it will give priority to the rebuilding of the journal + ICS files)

Cleaning up

  • Deinstall the Synchronizer on the old server