Shrink your SQL Transaction Log file

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A very large SQL Transaction Log File has a direct impact on Synchronizer performance. You want to keep this file small, so the Synchronizer performance stays fast.

There are multiple ways to shrink a SQL Transaction Log File, one of the easiest ways will has been explained below.

Note When you have selected Full Database Recovery Mode, you must create Log backups or you can't shrink the SQL Transaction Log file. This is a requirement when choosing the Full Database Recovery Model.

If you want the shrinking to be performed automatically, you should take a look at SQL Maintenance plans.

How to

One of the easiest way to shrink a logfile is to use the Tasks, follow these steps:

  • Right click the SuperOffice Database in SQL Management Studio
  • Click Tasks > Shrink > Files

  • Choose Log as File type
  • Choose Release unused space as Shrink action
  • Click OK

The Transaction Log file should be a fraction of it's former self now.