Top Tip: Shrink your SQL Transaction Log file

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A very large SQL Transaction Log File has a direct impact on Synchronizer performance. You want to keep this file small, so the Synchronizer performance stays fast.

There are multiple ways to shrink a SQL Transaction Log File, one of the easiest ways will has been explained below.

Please note: When you have selected Full Database Recovery Mode, you must create Log backups or you can't shrink the SQL Transaction Log file. This is a requirement when choosing the Full Database Recovery Model.

If you want the shrinking to be performed automatically, you should take a look at SQL Maintenance plans.


One of the easiest way to shrink a logfile is to use the Tasks, follow these steps:

  • Right click the SuperOffice Database in SQL Management Studio
  • Click Tasks > Shrink > Files

  • Choose Log as File type
  • Choose Release unused space as Shrink action
  • Click OK

The Transaction Log file should be a fraction of it's former self now.

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