How to re-enter your Email Password for the Nebula Synchronizer when using Microsoft Exchange

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When your email password has been changed, you must also change this manually in the Nebula Dashboard. Follow this step-by-step article if your password needs to be updated in the Nebula Dashboard.

This will solve the issue if you keep seeing the Credentials Expired error message in the Nebula Dashboard.

How to:

  • Login to the Nebula Dashboard by going to
  • Click the red "Login With SuperOffice" button and fill in your SuperOffice credentials to login

  • Wait until you see the "Timer" and click the Edit Preferences button at the bottom right of the page

  • Scroll down a bit until you see Authentication. Fill in your new email password in the Password text field

  • Important: Press the Save button at the bottom of the page
  • Done!

If the problem is not solved by changing the password, please contact our Support team by sending an email or using the LiveChat functionality.