Top Tip: Synchronization Rules Exchange synchronizer for Visma CRM

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Follow this article if you want to learn more about the Synchronization rules for the Exchange Synchronizer for Visma CRM.


Changing meetings

Meetings originating from Visma CRM cannot be changed in any way in Outlook by the owner and the attendees. Any changes and updated will be reverted back to the original state.

The same goes for meetings created in Outlook. Any changes in Visma CRM by the owner or the attendees are reverted.

Complex Recurrence Pattern Outlook

The recurrence patterns in Outlook are more advanced than the recurrence patterns in Visma CRM. Users are notified of this incompatibility by mail.

Visma CRM recurrence pattern:

Outlook recurring pattern:

If an appointment is created with a complex recurrence pattern which is not supported by Visma CRM, the user gets the following email and the appointment will not be synchronized.

Invite External On False

When an appointment is created with an external attendee, but the option “Send Invitation to external attendees” is not checked, the external user will not receive an email. The appointment will be synchronized to the Exchange / Outlook calendar (but without the attendees).

When you copy an appointment from one user to another user (in Outlook), Outlook will send a Delete and Create statement to Visma CRM.

The old appointment will be deleted in Visma CRM.

The newly created appointment in Visma CRM is without the external attendee who was not sent to Outlook, because the flag was unchecked within Visma CRM.