How to solve the Quote+ dll not being loaded in the SuperOffice Admin for SuperOffice 8

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When installing Quote+ on SuperOffice Web for SuperOffice 8, it might happen that the Quote+ DLL is not visible in the Quote/Sync part in the SuperOffice Web Admin.

Follow this KB article when you are having issues getting the Quote+ connected in SuperOffice 8 Web.

How to:

  • First make sure you met all the System Requirements for using Quote+
  • Secondly, make sure there is a reference to the "InfoBridge.SOQuote.Extensions.Core.Combined.dll" in the correct web.config

The reference in the web.config of the SuperOffice Web instance will need to be added like this: 

<add key="Quoteplus" value="<FULL PATH TO DLL FILE>\InfoBridge.SOQuote.Extensions.Core.Combined.dll" />

For instance:

<add key="Quoteplus" value="C:\Program Files\SuperOffice\SuperOffice 7 Server\Client\InfoBridge.SOQuote.Extensions.Core.Combined.dll" />

Note: Do not use UNC-paths!

The reference will need to be added to the:


under the <!-- Add custom plugins etc here --> as can be seen below.

  • If it's still not loading into the SuperOffice Admin, then also check if the Application Pool has enough rights on the file. Read & Execute rights are sufficient for proper functionality.

Add the Application Pool user to the folder containing the "InfoBridge.SOQuote.Extensions.Core.Combined.dll" file. The Apppool user is a special user which needs to be added like:

iis apppool\<apppool name>

For instance, lets add the "SuperOffice" application pool in our example, which is:

iis apppool\superoffice

Make sure the Read & Execute rights is checked and then click OK

  • Perform a Flush for the SuperOffice Web environment
  • If needed, perform an IIS reset

If it's still not visible, please contact InfoBridge Support.