How to use SuperOffice Document Templates when using PDF Director

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PDF Director has the capability to directly convert and send the PDF attachment via email. When doing so, you are able to personalize the email template using the builtin SuperOffice Document Templates.

Follow this article to find out how.

How to:

  • Open PDF Director
  • Click To E-mail Preferences

In the bottom section you are able to fill in the subject and body text. In this example I use the "code" variable in the title and in the body text the "atmr" variable (Mr/Ms field) and "atln" variable (Last Name).

  • Encapsulate the document templates using the <> symbols, like <code> etc and press the Save button

Now you are ready to use the custom email template.

  • Open SuperOffice Sales & Marketing
  • Select a document
  • Use the To E-mail functionality

Your draft Email should look a little something like this:

Please note: the template you are creating here, only applies to yourself as PDF Director is a locally installed tool. If your colleagues also need to use the same template, please share it with them.

Please note: try using the accolades {} when the document templates are not filled correctly.