How Domino meetings are handled by the Synchronizer

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When creating a meeting in Domino / Lotus Notes, it will be picked up by the Synchronizer and added in the SuperOffice calendar. It will be entered as an appointment in the SuperOffice calendar. For each invitee in the Notes meeting an individual appointment will be created in the SuperOffice calendar.

Important to note here is that in the SuperOffice appointment the users cannot see who the other invitees are. This is because the Synchronizer is only able to synchronize contacts one-way, from SuperOffice to Notes.


The Domino Synchronizer has some basic rules. The following rule applies when a meeting is created in Domino:

Meetings created in Lotus Notes cannot be edited in SuperOffice, changes in SuperOffice will be reverted back to match the original appointment in Lotus Notes
All the rules can be found in this kb article:

Consequences / Results

In case users will change the appointment in SO to a group appointment by adding participants to the meeting, the Synchronizer can end up in a loop and flood the SuperOffice database.

Why is this happening?

Notes wants to revert the change made in SuperOffice in accordance with the aformentioned rule. But since the appointment is now changed into a SuperOffice Group appointment SuperOffice does not allow this change. The appointment is seen as a new Group appointment originating in SuperOffice.

SuperOffice on the other hand tries to synchronize the change made in SuperOffice into the Notes calendar. This is blocked by Notes because the original meeting is made in Notes and cannot be changed other than by the owner of the appointment.

Please note that it is possible for users to change the SuperOffice appointment (which originates from a Notes Meeting) to a SuperOffice meeting (by inviting one or more invitees). It is very important to raise awareness about this behaviour to the users.

When you come across a situation like this please let us know at InfoBridge Support so we can assist you.